Research Ready


We recently signed up to a Research Scheme that is run by the Primary Care Clinical Research Network (CRN) and have started working alongside them to support the delivery of health research across the East Midlands region. The Primary Care CRN are part of the research side of the NHS and are committed to providing high-quality clinical research to take place in the NHS, so that patients can benefit from new and improved treatments and services.

We will be supporting a wide range of primary care research including studies which look at:

  • Promoting a healthier lifestyle
  • Disease diagnosis and prevention
  • Management of long-term illness such as diabetes or hypertension
  • Treating common conditions such as tonsillitis or influenza

We are currently participating in two studies investigating best emollients for eczema in young children and a study of young adult smokers looking at the very early stages of the development of COPD (a chronic respiratory disease).

If we find you are suitable for any of the studies that we get involved in you may receive an invite for the study. Please be assured that all invitations to any studies come from us and we do not share any of your personal or contact details with anyone outside the surgery. All studies are voluntary and you make the decision if you want to participate or not. However we would encourage you to take part as you will:

  • have the chance to participate in new and innovating research
  • help to improve patient care and treatment within the NHS
  • learn something about you and your condition
  • give something back and help future generations

During 2018-19, 19,352 patients participated in primary care research across the East Midlands and finished in first position across UK regions. 52% of GP surgeries across the East Midlands were involved in primary care. So let’s get involved!

Evidence suggests that research active organisations have better patient outcomes than those not involved in research. So get involved today!

Did you know that evidence suggests that patients who receive care in research-active organisations have better health outcomes?

That’s why we are proud to give our patients the opportunity to be part of research, joining more than half of all GP Practices in the East Midlands in putting research at the heart of our work.

Taking part in research is, for most people, a very positive experience. Research carried out in the East Midlands found that, last year, 96% of research participants agreed or strongly agreed that their research experience was positive.

There are many different studies available for people to take part in. Some studies involve filling out questionnaires, others involving trying new medicines and some involve working closely with a medical professional to track changes to health over time.

People choose to take part in research for a number of different reasons. It can give them a chance to learn more about their health or condition give them the opportunity to be the first to try out new medicine or treatments, or even be a way for them to make a contribution to improving the future for their children or grandchildren.

We face a number of health challenges, and research is crucial to enable us to improve existing treatments and medicines and develop new ones so that we can improve the health of the nation.

Last year, over 870,000 people across England took part in research.